White PaperPhysician Relations

Simple Steps to Create Steady, Predictable Referral Volume

Physician relations truly is a roller coaster. Every physician liaison can attest to this fact. Patient referrals, physician satisfaction scores and quality of activities can sometimes jump up and down and side to side, causing havoc for a physician relations program. So, what contributes to the roller coaster effect in physician referral development? And, what levers can you pull to slow down the turbulence? Download this predictable referral volume white paper to get rolling on a smoother ride in your physician relations!

In this white paper you’ll find the following information to create predictable referral volume:

The Ups & Downs of Referrals

In this article, we will talk about what contributes to the roller coaster in physician referral development and what levers can be pulled to slow down the motion of the ride and get the ride moving in one consistent direction. 

5 Easy Ways to Reduce the Roller Coaster Effect 

Continuous contact, marketing plans, becoming indispensable, identify issues quickly and be easy to do business with. If physicians can trust their hard patients will be taken care of, other referrals will follow.

Expanding Your Pipeline

Half of the battle in referral development is finding the right target audience of physicians to visit; the other half is asking the right questions. For example, when using a Healthcare CRM, you should look at past data, months and years in the past, to uncover potential cracks in the referral network. 

Picking the Right Lever to Pull 

In order to perform maintenance on a roller coaster a worker must understand the levers and tools available to them and exactly what to expect when one is engaged/disengaged. 

“Working with the top 20% of physicians within a healthcare organization’s market will produce the greatest gain in referrals for an organization.”