WhitepaperPhysician Onboarding

6 Ways to Improve the Physician Retention Cycle

If you plan on growing your referral base, then maintaining strategic alliances with physicians must be your #1 priority. This requires that you understand the needs, issues and perspectives of physicians, responding quickly and effectively to any issues that might affect your working relationship. The Physician Retention Cycle offers a roadmap of how good relationships develop, and what steps are needed to stay ahead of the game.

Mastering this cycle can help you:

  • Build an essential relationship of trust
  • Identify physician needs & issues
  • Resolve conflicts quickly
  • Keep patient referrals coming your way
Sneak Peek

“Nothing happens in physician relations until a provider’s roadblock is resolved. By using probing questions, a physician liaison can uncover unforeseen obstacles. These questions should not be intrusive. But, they should be asked in a spirit of understanding and cooperation.”