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Effective Ways to Analyze Trends During the Pandemic

AAPL 2020 Wired Workshop

In a breakout session for the 2020 AAPL Wired Workshop, Marketware discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on physician liaisons and explore how different data sources can be used to analyze and evaluate trends to help transition your organization back to growth.

Effective Ways to Analyze Trends During the Pandemic AAPL 2020

Watch this webinar to learn the following on ways to analyze trends:

Campaign for Keepage

When is it necessary to share patients with a specialist or facility outside of our network? What steps do we need to take to redirect patients to those services or specialties where we have capacity?

Build Up New Providers

What is the typical pathway for patients getting to this provider? What series of actions do we need to put into place to introduce this provider to those pathways?

Monitor Your Key Markets

What has been the impact of COVID on practice & patients? What technology is being used to stay connected with patients? What consults have providers parked or placed on hold for now?

Activate Recover Mode

What are the reasons for using a competitor? What will it take to earn those referrals? What volumes can we redirect within the network if we take those steps?

Flag Vulnerable Partners

What is your current level of productivity today? How does this compare to before March? What staffing changes have occurred since March?


Carrie Bennett, FACHE

Strategic Advisor (Former COO)