Structured Onboarding for Physician Retention

Structured Onboarding for Physician Retention

When it comes to recruiting physicians as part of a strategic growth strategy, retaining physicians can be just as important as recruiting them. Physician attrition can negatively impact your organization’s growth, quality and financial performance. We put together this physician onboarding tool kit, with helpful templates and guides to help you create you need a comprehensive physician onboarding plan that extends beyond their 1st 3 months on the job. Below we featured a section of this tool kit—Onboarding & Retention Flow Chart. This chart will help you create structured onboarding for physician retention.

Onboarding & Retention Flow Chart

One clear step to developing a more stable medical staff is to use a structured onboarding process to support the integration and success of newly recruited physicians. Here’s a sample flow chart you can follow:

Signed Contract Received

120+ days prior to start.

Kick Off Meeting

Launch alignment plan, appoint project manager & assign tasks/deadlines within 7 days of signed contract.

Meet with physician by phone to review plan & points of contact within 15 days of signed contract.

Team members complete assigned tasks & document within Onboarding Platform.

Review & update progress with team bi-weekly via Onboarding Platform reports.

Bi-Weekly touch points with physician.

Meet with physician by phone or during visit to finalize volume development & marketing plan 45-60 days prior to launch.

Execution of 100-day volume development plan within 15-30 days of launch.

Practice Launch

Review practice volume & referral development trends monthly.

100-Day Assessment

Implement recommended plan adjustments if below volume projections.

Physician is transitioned from onboarding to retention once specific practice performance criteria is met.

In addition to outlining the steps required for appropriately setting up the new physician’s practice, a successful onboarding plan includes opportunities for new physicians, and their families, to build relationships with key members of the organization and community in their 1st 100 days. Forming these relationships help new physicians, and their families, feel part of the community faster and builds a new physician’s patient base more quickly.

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Date: July 09 2021
Subject: Physician Onboarding
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