4 Ways a PRM Will Make Your Job as a Physician Liaison Easier

4 Ways a PRM Will Make Your Job as a Physician Liaison Easier

Something to Think About

Recent studies have shown that long work hours increased the chances of early death by almost 20%. Those working in physician relations might know a thing or 2 about long work hours—between making clinic visits and calls over Zoom, recording interactions, analyzing data, following up and reporting metrics, it often seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to fit it all in. Many physician relations professionals have turned to a physician relationship manager (PRM) to optimize workflow efficiency and management outreach efforts. While PRMs are very effective at increasing the bottom line, they also help individual physician relations professionals organize their tasks, cut down on wasted time and simplify their workload. Check out these 4 ways a PRM will make a physician liaisons workday easier:

1. Keep Your Team on the Same Page


Ever get tired of repeatedly having to sit in on endless calls and meetings while everyone exchanges visit notes, physician information and outreach data? How many hours of your week do you spend getting everyone on the same page?

A PRM provides a centralized place where everyone can see what’s going on throughout the department. Instead of setting time aside just to repeat yourself in yet another meeting, you can quickly assign tasks and initiatives to your liaisons electronically. Issue troubleshooting and targeted outreach can all be communicated directly through the PRM, no need for those never-ending syncs. With everyone on the same page, you’ll dramatically cut down on time wasted in meetings and increase productivity of everyone involved.

2. Incredibly Easy Daily Planning


A lot of wasted time and stress in the workday comes from a lack of planning. We’ve all been there: the first thing you do each day is dive right into the giant mess of emails—the next thing you know, it’s almost time for lunch and fire drills are springing up left and right.

A PRM can help you plan out your day from start to finish. You’ll know what physicians you need to call or visit and you’ll have a better understanding of the most strategic tasks for you to do throughout the week. Like a personal assistant, a PRM will point out issues you need to take care of immediately and what tasks can wait. Day to day you’ll stay on task, dramatically chopping down on time wasted in your workday.

3. Critical Info, Right in Your Pocket


A physician liaison is constantly on the move, visiting clinics and making connections. The last thing a liaison needs is a briefcase full of files and bulky binders, while loose papers fly around in the back seat.

A web-based mobile-compatible PRM makes it possible to have all the necessary information available at any time right on a smartphone or a tablet. Having all your physician profiles, addresses, interaction notes and notifications on a mobile device saves you a great deal of resources and time.

4. Faster & Easier Reporting

Paper Report

Sometimes we dread that end-of-month reporting, mainly because we know we’ll have to search and collect a bunch of data and numbers. When your superior asks about current trends, you have a vague idea…did we have more visits this month than last month? Is our issue resolution rate going up or down? And then the big question: Can you demonstrate the ROI of your outreach?

With a PRM, you don’t need to keep those figures in your head: it’s all right there built into the reporting features. You don’t need to spend time collecting data, making reports and designing graphs, because a PRM does it all for you.

Your reporting is now efficient, fast, easy and for once you’re not trapped in your office late Friday afternoon—your reports are done and your weekend starts right on time.

The Bottom Line

You’ve honed your craft and you’re great at what you do. But you don’t have to do it all alone. PRM technology offers a solution that is guaranteed to make your workday a whole lot easier. Learn more about Marketware’s PRM and Physician Strategy Suite with a customized tour of our solution! Schedule your demo now!

Date: May 05 2021
Subject: Physician Relations
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Amanda Houchins

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