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Engaging the C-Suite: How to Communicate Liaison ROI

Speakers: Susan Boydell, Partner, Barlow/McCarthy; Amy Unger, Senior Client Success Manager
About: The week is about complete & just as you’re pondering weekend plans you get a meeting request from your CEO for Friday afternoon titled, “Business Review” with a slew of report requests.

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Webinar - Engaging the C-Suite: How to Communicate Liaison ROI

Aligning Marketing & Business Development: Doubling Your Outreach Success

Speakers: Molly Gaus, Regional Marketing Director, Presence Health; Karianne Craig, System Manager of Sales, Presence Health; Bryce Bartel, CEO, Marketware
About: We have found that aligning your marketing and physician outreach team can be the equivalent of a pot of gold.

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4 Must Have’s for Referral Development in Orthopaedics

Speakers: Kriss Barlow, Partner, Barlow/McCarthy; Carol Ittig, Practice Administrator, Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedic & Sports Medicine; Kyle Spackman, Account Executive, Marketware
About: Before you launch, there are some crucial elements in physician referral development you’ll want on board.

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Hitting the Referral Growth Powerball

Speakers: Susan Boydell, Partner, Barlow/McCarthy; Marcy Traxler, VP of Business Development & Service Line Strategy, AMITA Health System; Ken McAffee, Product Specialist, Marketware
About: 19 issue resolutions, 27 visits, 32 emails, & 51 marketing fliers later…what is the winning combination needed to hit the referral jackpot?

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From the Web to the Waiting Room: Leveraging Technology for Patient Acquisition

Speakers: Erik Oh, CEO, Review Concierge; Bryce Bartel, CEO, Marketware
About: There are over 70 websites dedicated to online reviews specifically for healthcare providers, and while about 61% of patients reported using these websites to select a doctor in 2014, this rate is rapidly increasing.

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Onboarding Optimization—The Secret Advantage

Speakers: Sean Duffy, Director of Physician Onboarding, Geisinger Health System; Bryce Bartel, CEO, Marketware
About: Studies show that inefficiencies and mistakes in the hiring and onboarding process can cost from $150,000 to $250,000 per provider during each of the first three years of employment.

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4 New Year’s Resolutions to Increase Referral Volume

Speakers: Karianne Craig, Director of Business Development, Barnabas Health; Mitzi Kent, Senior Sales Leader, LifePoint Health; Amy Unger, Health Services Liaison, Atlantic General Hospital
About: Statistics show that people that make resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals—so what’s your resolution for 2016?

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