5 Key Relationships You Should Develop to Support Practice Growth

Attracting new patients through the door of your practice is an important part of building a healthy practice. While many assume any increase in marketing requires a bigger advertising budget, most practices are built on word of mouth referrals that are the direct result of nurturing key relationships.


Josh Cameron, Marketing Manager at Oncology Consultants and Carrie Bennett, VP of Client Strategy at Marketware discuss the five key relationships your practice should focus on to support practice growth.


On this webinar you will learn strategies for connecting with:

  • Current Patients. Review best practices for ensuring a positive practice experience which, in turn, creates patients who are willing to recommend your practice to family and friends.
  • New Patients. Understand how new patients find their way to your practice and best practices for using a data-driven approach to attract your ideal patient population.
  • Web Searchers. Pew Internet & American Life Project reported in its February 2011 Health Topics report that 44% of Internet users look for information about physicians and other healthcare professionals online.  Hear some of the ways your practice and its providers can optimize your online presence.
  • Referral Partners. Learn about how practices are using data and technology to better identify, understand and engage key referral partners.
  • Community Partners. Uncover best practices for partnering with key groups to engage your community in better understanding how your specialty supports patients.


As you look to plan and set goals for a bigger 2017, now is a great time to think about those relationships you want to create and nurture in the year ahead. Don’t get left behind, be sure to register today.

5 Key Relationships You Should Develop to Support Practice Growth
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Josh Cameron

Josh Cameron

Marketing Manager,
Oncology Consultants

Carrie Bennett

Carrie Bennett

VP of Client Strategy,