About Us

Our purpose, our people

Marketware is focused on setting the industry standard for outcome-based technologies that humanize data. We see a future in which healthcare organizations use our technology to take full advantage of growth opportunities and make informed strategic decisions. Marketware’s premier software applications are designed to help organizations grow, retain, and discover new volume opportunities.

We make this a reality by continuously developing a platform that delivers

  • Advanced referral development
  • Data-driven market insight
  • Enhanced patient acquisition


What does the exponent symbol in the company logo mean?

Unlike what other vendors provide, Marketware is designed to bring the exponent factor—meaning your ROI is not a linear progression but rather an exponential improvement in your outreach efforts yielding maximum market share. More than just a tool, we’re a solution with outcomes to empower your physician relations, marketing, strategic planning and business development teams. With Marketware, you don’t just gain a software solution but you gain a partner that becomes an extension of your team and is passionate about your success. We push the boundaries of innovation to ensure our clients stay ahead of curve.

About Us - Our purpose, Our People

Brand Values


Our technology gives users the exact information they need at the exact time they need it. Our technology exists solely to empower our users to fully realize their individual and organizational potential.


We don’t rest on our laurels and accreditations, but instead concentrate on the future. By continually rolling out new features we strive to keep our partners continually asking “What’s next?”. The answer is always “We Are”. We don’t accept…we create.


When we enter into any contract with an organization, we also enter into a contract with each user of our products within that organization to provide them with shoulder-to-shoulder service and an empathetic ear. Our clients truly transcend from names on a page to faces, dreams, and desires.

Always On

While other technologies go to sleep at the end of the day, our technology is constantly on. It gives our partners a smile each morning as they awake to an effectively planned day of tasks—carefully managed and thought out as if it were a true personal assistant that worked feverishly through the night.


Part of the value in working with us is that our technology has integrated user-generated content and ideas. Our relationship with clients is one of equality and exchange; feedback is not only accepted but appreciated and implemented. Our technology is “alive” as it organically grows and changes with the needs of our partners.