Clients across the board agree,

Marketware is empowering.

“We saw an increase of roughly 15% in activity going from our old solution to Marketware. We had a lot more physician office visits, team meetings, and opportunities to speak with our stakeholders. This improvement came as a result of Marketware being a cloud-based solution, allowing our team to report on their activities remotely from their phones, rather than only reporting once in the office. The way Marketware goes through workflows and activities is much more relationship management focused than many of the other products on the market.”
Karianne Craig, Director, Marketing Strategy & Planning

“Marketware offers us a customizable allows my physician liaison to go out into the field and to enter her notes in her car anywhere she is, and it’s something that allows us to run reports—very customizable for anything that our CEO wants to see.”
Shannon Woods, Director of Marketing

“After comparing two applications, I found Scout to offer much more in terms of usability and ease of use in data extraction, which are key for efficient data analysis. You want data in its granular form, in order to provide business intelligence to your stakeholders. The key piece for us, is being able to identify targets for outreach…before, we went by feel as to whom we should be outreaching. Now we have analytic metrics to help us identify those targets. It’s no longer a guessing game. Marketware has helped Providence continue in its expansion throughout the region.”
Viktoria Leeper, Manager, Planning Analytics & Development

“The role of a lot of the physician liaison programs throughout the country has really changed a lot in the last couple years. They need good access to good data to be really strategically involved, including market share data.”
Gretchen Cecchini, Director of Physician Relations

“What excited me most about deciding to go with Marketware was the ability to refine our onboarding process for our new providers, to ensure success from the start with them when they join one of our facilities.”
Katie Neighbors, Director of Practice Operations Support

“On top of customized and flexible dashboards that track issue resolution and liaison activity, Ascend fulfilled the requirement for mobility. Thanks to its cloud-based accessibility, you can use it anywhere, and you’re not tethered to a LifePoint computer or a LifePoint security system. Liaisons can run to Starbucks and they can document their notes. Additionally, we’ve been able to measure the ROI of our physician’s liaison program, to share with our group leadership presidents what our physician’s liaisons can do for the organization.”
Mitzi Kent, Vice President, Strategic Resource Group & Physician Relations/Industry