Scout - Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence

Analyze claims data and internal EHR data to provide clear insight on physician referral behavior throughout your region. Additionally, discover exactly what your payer mix is, and who your physicians are sharing patients with. Accurately visualize this data to find and stop leakage, identify competition, target primary care providers and other referral sources, and discover new market share opportunities for your organization.

Customizable and Flexible Dashboards

Interfaces and customizable dashboards make it easy to understand this data, track changes and shifts, and adjust views. Scout’s drillable interactive charts and graphs offer a way to see beyond the numbers and make decisions based on clear and accurate information.

Scout - State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence
Scout - PRM Integration

PRM Integration

Seamlessly translate this data into actionable tasks and initiatives through Marketware’s Ascend to achieve your physician relations objectives and keep your team on track toward accomplishing your growth strategy.

Report Generation

Simple scalability and conversion of your data to Excel and PDF document formats to demonstrate trends in your market and the ROI of your market growth initiatives. Download these reports from the dashboard into Powerpoint presentations to effectively inform and engage stakeholders.

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“With Marketware, entering notes is easy and allows for the information to be readily available. As a supervisor with so little time in the day, it’s vital that I am able to get in there and quickly pull the reports I need to share with key stakeholders internally."
Kara Goodnight, Tucson Medical Center