Referral Development

Grow, retain, and expand referral sources


Referral development is all about relationships. In the last decade and a half, referrals have doubled in number, and now is the most important time to ensure that your organization is building strategic partnerships that bring in high referral volume. Making office visits is important, but a comprehensive approach to expanding a network of primary care providers and other referral sources requires strategically leveraging physician relationship management (PRM) technology.

Referral Development - Grow, retain, and expand referral sources
Referral Development - Track Physician Information

Track Physician Information

Creating strategic relationships and productive conversations all begin with information. As you establish and build your network of referring physicians, having practice and physician information, referral patterns, and interaction history stored in a customizable PRM system empowers you to quickly and clearly understand the relationships you can leverage for increased referral volume.

Develop Targeted Initiatives

Once you have comprehensive information on your network as a whole, you can strategically target those physicians that have the potential to increase your referral volume. With a PRM system combined with claims data analytics, you can track referral behavior and then create tasks and outreach initiatives related to your targeted pool of physicians. Assign these tasks to different members of your team, see what your liaisons are doing every day, and track the progress of these efforts over time.

Referral Development - Develop Targeted Initiatives
Referral Development - Build Strategic Relationships

Build Strategic Relationships

Using a PRM to track conversations and interactions with physicians, you can build long-term strategic relationships that become a source for constant referrals to your organization. Stay up-to-date on the health of these relationships, and use notifications to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Demonstrate ROI

A PRM offers the ability to generate reports that demonstrate the ROI of your referral development. You’ll be able to see your referrals increase over time and correlate that increase with the initiatives you created and the relationships you built from the ground up.

Referral Development - Demonstrate ROI

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