Patient Acquisition

Increase patient volume, overcome care gaps and manage your population health

Staying in contact with patients benefits both you and those you serve. In today’s world where everyone is constantly connected, there is enormous opportunity to engage patients and enhance population health management through a number of channels. With email and direct mail marketing, you can guide patients in their choice of provider for higher-level care and support home care plans, leading to improved value-based outcomes and increased patient acquisition.

Patient Acquisition - Increase patient volume, overcome care gaps and manage your population health
Patient Acquisition - Find Targeted Patients

Find Targeted Patients

Hospitals and clinics have patient types that they actively seek. These patients are primarily the high revenue, high acuity patients, such as those seeking services in oncology, cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics. The first goal is to uncover patients who have a high propensity to need those services. Those patients are mainly found by modeling EMR data and claims data. These models can identify patients that are high valued targets.

Create and Manage Campaigns

With the right list of recipients, you’re ready to create and design your message. Using an industry-specific workflow and customizable templates, you can compose and format your email or print materials according to your exact needs and specifications.

Patient Acquisition - Create and Manage Campaigns
Patient Acquisition - Track Performance

Track Performance

In outreach management, you need to keep a close eye on open and click rates, subscriptions, the number of patients and providers involved in campaigns, control groups, and the total number of mailers and emails sent in active campaigns. Pull reports on this information to demonstrate the progress of your outreach, tweak your messaging for improvement, and enhance your overall population health management services.

Acquire New Patients

Retaining and acquiring patients for your health system helps to consolidate and standardize services across your different facilities and specializations. An essential element of making sure your outreach is working is measuring your efforts against increases in new patients, and ultimately, revenue. Patient marketing improves quality of care and has been proven to help patients successfully complete home care plans, and these efforts result in higher numbers of new patients that will remain loyal within your healthcare system.

Patient Acquisition - Acquire New Patients

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