Market Insight

View, understand, and control your market

Knowledge is power, and in an industry that is constantly evolving, the more knowledge you have, the better. Analyzing claims data alongside internal EHR data is the key to truly understanding your market, giving you insight on where you stand, what’s next, and what the competition is doing. When this data is properly visualized through a data analytics tool, it becomes a platform for informed decision making. This is more than just numbers—these are tasks, initiatives, strategic relationships, and revenue growth for your organization.

Market Insight - View, understand, and control your market
Market Insight - Gain 360° Views

Gain 360° Views

EHR and external claims data analysis puts you at the wheel and gives you control. You can identify top-performing primary care providers in specific areas, and understand physician referral behavior in relation to specialists throughout your community.

Stop Referral Leakage

Data analysis empowers you to detect, resolve, and prevent referral leakage within your system. You are able to track employed physician referral behavior both internally and externally, and draw those referrals back into your own system.

Market Insight - Stop Referral Leakage
Market Insight - Control Splitter Behavior

Control Splitter Behavior

The only reliable way you can know how independent physicians are referring is through claims data. Knowing how these physicians are referring can not only help you influence those referral decisions to your facilities, but it also helps you clearly identify competition and discover opportunities to gain market share by hiring in a specific specialty or geographic area that is in demand.

Expand with Peace of Mind

Sizing up new volume opportunities and threats to your market share before making a move is an integral part of taking advantage of market insight. Claims data provides the peace of mind you need when taking the leap toward expansion, whether you’re acquiring new practices, entering into a joint venture, setting up an extension in a new geographic region, or adding new service lines.

Market Insight - Expand with Peace of Mind

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