Centric - Patient Marketing
Patient and Consumer Marketing

Advanced List Segmentation

Communicating your message efficiently begins with targeting the right audience. Importing, saving, and managing patient lists is made easy through Centric's web-based platform. Through advanced list segmentation, you can design the workflow of your marketing automation to provide the best experience for each individual recipient based on the type of care that will best service their needs.

Pre-Loaded Design Templates

Your brand is an extension of your image and having a polished design can solidify that brand. Industry best-practice design templates that you can customize and inline editable text are readily available and can enhance your organization's branding with email and print designs that work for your messaging and size specifications. Once you’ve perfected your deliverables, save them for use in projects down the road.

Centric - Advanced List Segmentation
Centric - Automated Outreach

Automated Outreach

With the right list of recipients and the perfect design for your audience, you’re now ready to create and manage your campaigns and automate your workflows. Not to be confused with “set it and forget it,” this application encompasses a sophisticated level of dynamic outreach. Coordinate direct mail projects from creation to printing and delivery for end-to-end marketing execution.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

In outreach management, you need to keep a close eye on a variety of success metrics including email click rates and deliverability of collateral. This ultimately enables users to accurately attribute ROI to active campaigns. An activity dashboard lets you see your dynamic campaigns and demonstrate the success of your outreach efforts.

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