Case Studies

Learn how Marketware has empowered healthcare organizations

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center

Strategic Marketing Plans Build a Strong Referral Network

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center, based in Denver, Colorado, prides itself on delivering cutting-edge, quality orthopedic and wellness care to its patients. With offices in Golden, Westminster, and Highlands Ranch, as well as a variety of ancillary and specialty care centers throughout the metro area, Panorama assists its patients with orthopedic care all the way from diagnosis and surgery to rehabilitation and wellness services. Outstanding customer service, teamwork and accountability are integral to how the independent group of more than 30 orthopedic surgeons interacts with patients. And these same attributes are also the cornerstone of how Panorama approaches differentiating itself from the competition—including its marketing efforts.

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Presence Health

A common occurrence across healthcare teams is a lack of communication and collaboration between departments. This can lead to silos and inefficiencies as teams end up being pulled in multiple directions with no synergy. Through the use of Marketware, Presence Health, has been able to tear down silos and bring departments together to achieve their goals and initiatives as a unified team.

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Streamlines Reporting, Optimizes Tracking
At Roswell Park, a renowned center for cancer research and treatment, patients come from a wide variety of referral sources. Tracking information on regional referral trends is crucial to commanding market share and optimizing outreach efforts. But as Roswell Park Cancer Institute learned, it’s not just about implementing any technology.

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LifePoint Health

Gains Accountability in Physician Outreach
Accountability is the most important piece in the puzzle of yielding and demonstrating results in physician relations. Mitzi Kent, National Sales Leader of LifePoint Health can attest to this—with over 60 Physician Relations and Industry Directors (physician liaisons) managing relationships with more than 7,300 physicians.

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Providence Health & Services

Exceeds Year Over Year Goal
While claims data analytics can provide a watchtower view of market trends, learning how to wield this powerful asset requires a high level of expertise and technology that is customized specifically to an organization’s needs. Healthcare systems must invest in the initial molding and implementation of the tool to make this a reality and maximize its value.

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